Kjetil Husebø – Piano Transformed


New solo album – Piano Transformed – due for release March 17th 2017 (Norway + digital – worldwide),  Spring 2017 (U.K, Germany and U.S).

Kjetil Husebø: C. Bechstein Grand Piano. Live sampling & Live electronics.

Recorded at Propeller Music Division, Oslo.

Engineer: Mike Hartung / Jacob Dobewall.

Mixed by: Reidar Skår, 7.Etg, Oslo.

Mastered by: Helge Sten, Audio Virus Lab, Oslo.

Cover design: Lucas Dietrich, Berlin.

Photo inside CD digipack: Colin Ventura / Rein Borgen.

Cat. no: OSP007.

Format: CD digipack, digital files.

Distribution: Musikkoperatørene (Norway) / Phonofile (digital – worldwide) / Forced Exposure (U.S) / Discovery Records (U.K) / Galileo (Germany).

Press text (norsk): kjetil-husebo-piano-transformed-norsk

Press text (english) : kjetil-husebo-piano-transformed-english

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Skyggespill – Morphing Between Spaces and Phases

New project and album – Skyggespill (Shadow play) – Morphing Between Spaces and Phases – due for release September 5th (Norway) and October 14th 2014 (U.S).


Skyggespill = Kjetil Husebø: Electronics.

Composed and produced by: Kjetil Husebø.

Recorded and mixed by: Kjetil Husebø at GrandisStudio, Oslo.

Mastered by: Helge Sten at Audio Virus Lab, Oslo.

Cover design: Lucas Dietrich, Berlin.

Photo: Kjetil Husebø.

Label: Optical Substance Productions.

Cat. no: OSP005.

Distribution: Musikkoperatørene/Phonofile/Forced Exposure (U.S)

Format: Vinyl included CD, CD (promo), digital files.

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Skyggespil 2

Photo: Francesco Saggio

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