Kjetil Husebø

is a Norwegian composer, producer and musician (keyboard player and a classically trained piano player) with a background from such varied musical landscapes as jazz, improvisation, electronica, ambient, contemporary, house, pop, crossover and folk music.

As a pianist and performer of electronic music, Kjetil Husebø has worked continuously to perfect the musical unification of the grand piano and live sampling/ live electronics.

Using music technology both as a complete instrument and a creative tool he has developed an innovative instrument that he uses to obtain an intimate interaction between the piano and the electronics— Piano Transformed— which is the name of both this project and the album / music video from 2017.

The live sampling and the live electronics does not only use the grand piano as a source of sound, but it is applied as a controller in real time, which implies either that the live sampling is done simultaneously as Kjetil plays on the grand piano or it occurs as sound fragments are recorded and subsequently transformed.


Kjetil Husebø

Kjetil Husebø – Piano Transformed


Optical Substance

Arve Henriksen & Kjetil Husebø



CV – Kjetil Husebø 2022