JAZZCD.no 8th Edition


I am proud that the song “Circle” from my album Piano Transformed (2017) has been chosen to be part of the compilation album JAZZCD.no 8th Edition.
Snippets of the Norwegian jazz scene today, produced by Norsk jazzforum in close cooperation with Utenriksdepartementet (Norge) (The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Music Norway, and distributed by Norsk jazzforum and through Norwegian embassies and consulate generals all over the world. Available from January 2018.

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Reviews – Kjetil Husebø – Piano Transformed


JazziNorge.no (Arild R. Andersen)
Dagsavisen (Roald Helgheim)
Bergensmagasinet (Magne Fonn Hafskor)
Musikkopplevesen (Jon Arnesen)
Platespillern (Tore Stavlund)
Dag og Tid (Lars Mossefinn)
Tor De Jazz (Tor Hammerø)

Sound & Image (Klaus Halama)

Written in Music (Dick Hovenga)

Salt Peanuts (Eyal Hareuveni)
Whisperinandhollerin (Martin Raybould)

Tidningen Kulturen (Bo Bjelvehamma)

Jazznyt.com (Niels Overgård)

Kjetil Husebø – Piano Transformed


New solo album – Piano Transformed – due for release March 17th 2017 (Norway + digital – worldwide),  Spring 2017 (U.K, Germany and U.S).

Kjetil Husebø: C. Bechstein Grand Piano. Live sampling & Live electronics.

Recorded at Propeller Music Division, Oslo.

Engineer: Mike Hartung / Jacob Dobewall.

Mixed by: Reidar Skår, 7.Etg, Oslo.

Mastered by: Helge Sten, Audio Virus Lab, Oslo.

Cover design: Lucas Dietrich, Berlin.

Photo inside CD digipack: Colin Ventura / Rein Borgen.

Cat. no: OSP007.

Format: CD digipack, digital files.

Distribution: Musikkoperatørene (Norway) / Phonofile (digital – worldwide) / Forced Exposure (U.S) / Discovery Records (U.K) / Galileo (Germany).

Press text (norsk): kjetil-husebo-piano-transformed-norsk

Press text (english) : kjetil-husebo-piano-transformed-english

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Skyggespill – Morphing Between Spaces and Phases

New project and album – Skyggespill (Shadow play) – Morphing Between Spaces and Phases – due for release September 5th (Norway) and October 14th 2014 (U.S).


Skyggespill = Kjetil Husebø: Electronics.

Composed and produced by: Kjetil Husebø.

Recorded and mixed by: Kjetil Husebø at GrandisStudio, Oslo.

Mastered by: Helge Sten at Audio Virus Lab, Oslo.

Cover design: Lucas Dietrich, Berlin.

Photo: Kjetil Husebø.

Label: Optical Substance Productions.

Cat. no: OSP005.

Distribution: Musikkoperatørene/Phonofile/Forced Exposure (U.S)

Format: Vinyl included CD, CD (promo), digital files.

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Skyggespil 2

Photo: Francesco Saggio

Skyggespill Facebook page here