3 Quarks Daily about Piano Transformed


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“While electronics can completely dominate the production of sound, creating performances that no human could possibly manage on their own, some musicians are using technology to augment their playing. Consider Norwegian pianist Kjetil Husebø’s ‘Piano Transformed,’ from the eponymous 2017 album. Husebø plays the piano but its sounds are then fed into electronics that heavily process the source material, creating a sort of diaphanous context that is at once part of and completely independent of the more conventional sounds to which we are accustomed.” Misha Lepetic, 3 Quarks Daily

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JAZZCD.no 8th Edition


I am proud that the song “Circle” from my album Piano Transformed (2017) has been chosen to be part of the compilation album JAZZCD.no 8th Edition.
Snippets of the Norwegian jazz scene today, produced by Norsk jazzforum in close cooperation with Utenriksdepartementet (Norge) (The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Music Norway, and distributed by Norsk jazzforum and through Norwegian embassies and consulate generals all over the world. Available from January 2018.

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Musicity OSL

Sjekk ut Musicity OSL — et spennende prosjekt med spesialskrevet musikk knyttet til ulike steder/bygninger i Oslo. Bak prosjektet står: Nasjonal jazzscene,  Fiona Talkington(Conexions, BBC), Nick Luscombe (BBC) og Oslo kulturnatt. Musicity OSL inneholder musikalske bidrag fra en rekke flotte artister, blant annet Susanna Audun Kleive,  Knut Reiersrud m.fl. Flere artister og steder kommer senere. Jeg og Terje Evensen (Tape to Zero) bidrar med et spor som er en hyllest til/inspirert av det flotte og unike Operabygget i Oslo (Den Norske Opera & Ballett). Hør musikken via smarttelefon og web-appen http://osl.musicity.info/ Very exciting to be a part of this unique project. Listen to Tape to Zero´s tribute to the great Oslo Opera House – music available with the Musicity app http://osl.musicity.info/ + visit the Oslo Opera House.